National Security Framework-related training

Consult the courses available on the ANGELES Platform, aimed at knowledge and training in the National Security Framework (ENS).



National Security Framework

The aim of this course is to deal with all the theoretical aspects related to security policies in the use of electronic media, as set out in the National Security Framework (ENS).


Information Systems Risk Analysis and Management

The objective of this course is to understand the concept of risk management and risk analysis, as well as how to deal with risk. In addition, the course will provide an in-depth understanding of how the PILAR solution works.


Practical approach to the National Security Framework

This course provides a practical approach to the National Security Framework.


Audits in the ENS

This course aims to present an introduction to security audits focusing on the particularities of National Security Framework audits, as well as reviewing the necessary steps during the development and execution of an audit.



The purpose of the course is to make it possible to comply with the ENS of the information systems of organizations with limitations to address by themselves the adaptation process to obtain the corresponding Certification of Conformity.