Conformity marks

Aware of the need to publicise the guarantees adopted in the performance of public administrations and the development of the administrative procedure provided by electronic means, Article 38 of the ENS on the publication of compliance states: "Public law bodies and entities shall publicise on the corresponding electronic sites the declarations of compliance, and the security marks awarded to them, obtained with respect to compliance with the National Security Framework"..

Depending on the category of the system, a distinction is made between Declaration of Conformity and Certification of Conformity, as described in Guide 809 (Declaration and Certification of Conformity with the ENS):

Distintivos de Conformidad
Distintivo Declaración

Distinctive signs
Declaration of Conformity

Applicable to Basic category information systems. It may be represented by means of a Declaration of Conformity Seal or Badge generated by the entity under whose responsibility the system falls.

Distintivos Certificación

Distinctive marks
Certification of Conformity

Mandatory for Medium or High category information systems and voluntary for Basic category information systems.


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